The complete solution for internationalising a business

GrowthVenturing® conceptually combines preparing international growth plans, developing new export markets and supporting sales and customers through dedicated local offices – All duly supported by the required finance and ongoing strategic management to carry out a successful and profitable international expansion.

The GrowthVenturing® Concept

Company with competitive and internationally sellable product
The base for Nöhrlind Ltd. to invest in developing and expanding a company internationally is that the company on a range of key factors is matching a well defined company profile.
Development of international growth plans
The company is taken through a thorough strategic analysis and all relevant issues are dealt with aiming at bringing about a profitable business model and sustainable growth strategy which will provide the company with a remarkable profitability.
Strategic management
The company is induced with a profound and well proven method of managing all key aspects of the business to ensure a sustainable expansion and efficient organisation.
Management of export markets
Based on a local approach to developing new export markets a meticulous system for managing a diverse portfolio of international markets and customers is established.
On ground local sales support
As a key decisive factor in ensuring proper support to and exploitation of customers and business partners on new markets, sales support and CRM are handled locally by highly experienced staff and partners.
Financing for international expansion
Nöhrlind Ltd. provides the finance required to fund the company's growth and international expansion.

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Global SME Research

Landmark research by Nöhrlind on internationalisation of SME's.

Significant contributions by academics, experts on strategy, international business expansion and financing.

Access to Export Markets

An expert market development organisation backed by Nöhrlind Ltd., offering valuable assistance in establishing and building export business.

Access to Sources of Market Information and Export Resource Library.