A cooperation with Nöhrlind Ltd. creates the foundation for a successful and profitable international expansion.

The Cooperation between your company and Nöhrlind Ltd. must form a natural balance. The aim is to achieve synergies by focusing on each party’s core competencies. The company typically focus on product development and production, while Nöhrlind focus on the company’s strategic position and development, and ensures that the company's internationalisation is well executed and managed.

A coorporation and investment agreement forms the base for the relationship between your company and Nöhrlind Ltd. It determines the overall objectives, areas of responsibility and the commitments of the respective parties in relation to activities, initiatives, investment and results.

With due consideration to the individual position of your company an assessment from a commercial point of view comprise two main elements:

  • Your company's internal situation and suitability for internationalisation
  • If an internationalisation seems feasible from a market perspective?

Nöhrlind Ltd. is looking to invest in and work with companies matching a specific profile in which the key elements are:

  • The product must the company’s own
  • The product must hold a specific competitive advantage
  • The product must be internationally sellable
  • The company must have a visionary and constructive management
  • The owners must be open to new shareholders and investors

These are the key presumptions – Please contact us for a more detailed and confidential introduction.

Global SME Research

Landmark research by Nöhrlind on internationalisation of SME's.

Significant contributions by academics, experts on strategy, international business expansion and financing.

Access to Export Markets

An expert market development organisation backed by Nöhrlind Ltd., offering valuable assistance in establishing and building export business.

Access to Sources of Market Information and Export Resource Library.